VOIP/tel:+1(571)-441-1547 mail:swiley@swiley.net

Stephen Wiley (Software Engineer)

I'm a software engineer who has contributed to both large projects working with multiple coordinated teams and small projects (for example as single person greenfield projects.) I'm capable of quickly jumping into large code bases in multiple languages to extend and maintain them as well as starting projects completely from scratch. I've worked on large distributed systems with tight service level agreements.

As a rapid learner and serial autodidact. I enjoy learning new languages and technologies and pick them up very quickly. I've seen everything from heavily declarative DSLs to abstract functional languages and enjoy new challenges.

Career highlights

Technical Skills

Software Development

Data, Science, and AI

Unix-like Environments

Work Experience

Verisign (2020-2023)

I was a software engineer on the team responsible for high availability global scale DNS TLD registry/resolution products including global reverse DNS, .gov/.com/.net/ and country TLDs.

Consulting (2014- 2024)

Prior to working at Verisign I've engaged in numerous successful freelancing projects

Undergraduate technical intern for Verisign( June 2012 - December 2012)

Mostly internal infrastructure support for developers.

Software Engineering Intern for Tridium/Honeywell (summers 2016,2017,2018)

Embedded Systems and Application programming for the building automation business.