Public data from It is automatically updated on push. If you are looking for my resume that should be at Some larger projects and their associated scrum boards are kept in other repos. Not all are public or indexed. This is really a general dumping ground for public files that don't have a better home.

Some of my dotfiles including .vimrc are here but don't appear in the tree view.

This page is generated by my 80% git web solution that uses static html for making a git repo browsable. The idea is that most of the time people who want to view a repo:

It may sound minimal (and it is) but there are still many features:

So the script generates a tree view with clickable links, the commit history, and some other statistics and then copies that with the readme into an index.html for you. If you place this with the repo itself people can clone it and send you patches. try it!

 git clone 

It also supports todo.ini data from my ticket tracker (tt) program.

TT Ticket Tracker

tt.c is the source to a tool called "Ticket Tracker." It can be used to track tickets for an agile-style software development project in a simple database called todo.ini. The usage info will tell you more.

Copyright on the contents of this repo is owned by Stephen Wiley. You can modify, distribute, and reproduce them provided you share the source code with any machine generated artifacts produced by them with either this copyright notice or the GPL2 or GPL3 and notify me of the modifications.