Public data from It is automatically updated on push. If you are looking for my resume that should be at Some larger projects and their associated scrum boards are kept in other repos. Not all are public or indexed. This is really a general dumping ground for public files that don't have a better home.

Some of my dotfiles including .vimrc are here but don't appear in the tree view.

This page is generated by my 80% git web solution that uses static html for making a git repo browsable. The idea is that most of the time people who want to view a repo:

It may sound minimal (and it is) but there are still many features:

So the script generates a tree view with clickable links, the commit history, and some other statistics and then copies that with the readme into an index.html for you. If you place this with the repo itself people can clone it and send you patches. try it!

 git clone 

It also supports todo.ini data from my ticket tracker (tt) program.

TT Ticket Tracker

tt.c is the source to a tool called "Ticket Tracker." It can be used to track tickets for an agile-style software development project in a simple database called todo.ini. The usage info will tell you more.

Copyright on the contents of this repo is owned by Stephen Wiley. You can modify, distribute, and reproduce them provided you share the source code with any machine generated artifacts produced by them with either this copyright notice or the GPL2 or GPL3 and notify me of the modifications.

Scrum Board

Please create an empty file at ./todo.ini. This will be used as the ticket database.

Reposotory data

├── beginning.html
├── bookmarks.html
├── ci.1717256953.log
├── ci.1717258036.log
├── ci.1717271927.log
├── ci.1717963135.log
├── ci.1717963771.log
├── ci.1717963781.log
├── ci.1717964234.log
├── ci.1717967784.log
├── ci.1717967848.log
├── ci.1717968042.log
├── ci.1717968941.log
├── ci.1717969169.log
├── ci.1717970423.log
├── ci.1717970655.log
├── ci.1717970790.log
├── ci.1717970859.log
├── ci.1717970917.log
├── ci.1717971422.log
├── ci.1717971681.log
├── ci.1718028598.log
├── ci.1718116286.log
├── complete
├── ggmlgptjregexandsilence.patch
├── image.jpg
├── image_50385153.JPG
├── normalrv.c
├── p.h
├── phone-utils
│   ├──
│   ├──
│   ├── getcal
│   ├── green.c
│   ├──
│   ├──
│   ├── managelock
│   ├── managelocked
│   ├──
│   └──
├── readme.html
├── showappointments.c
│   ├── boatstuff.html
│   ├── fixup.js
│   ├── index.html
│   ├── now
│   │   ├── float.html
│   │   ├── index.html
│   │   └── tt.png
│   ├── profile.jpg
│   ├── sailing.gif
│   ├── style.css
│   └── webnotes.html
├── tt.c
└── waspos.patch

3 directories, 62 files
21M	.
* master

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3babefa fix now page
17cd965 move profile image to now page
0f0f088 update float plan
c2cf582 some more minor style changes, also move webnotes to
35893ee point into the repo for the bookmarklet instead of the old url.
36245f4 a couple more minor css changes
39dd6de it looks better unstyled.
854f16e fix more readme issues from new style
76bdfcd fix readme
1f9829a style some other things
07b45ed remove link
d8e5483 lower level headings should be black
fa82898 make headings link to their anchor using a quick js hack.
f455fac link to float plan from index
9ceb81b no float for now
ff0adf8 style site
227f18e link to my now page
6ed596c A few minor website updates
7a55eaf more updates
63e00ad float plan
2bed90e add a now page
c54140b boat stuff
90e8e72 add profile
3f1cbb6 use ci to update website.
668d621 make vimrc safe for work again
c8f1155 fix spelling error in tt.c
52c5ef3 added bookmarks
471c18e updates to ticket tracker
a162598 tt: replace scrum with more general idea of scope.
5a1c1eb updates to ticket tracker
88ffe41 lets try to keep things well organized.
9ce1d8c new home page
56e5f40 Merge branch 'master' of ssh://
406fb72 moving index hosting off Github.
4d29060 moving index hosting off Github.
74dbbe5 clearify readme
0071a08 add some missing files
d5b54f5 ticket tracker bug fixes
f0e76c7 correction
23c4dc3 Ticket Tracker 0.3 with many bugfixes
2ff9fe3 I dreamed last night all of these things.
c3ff49e correction
5032e02 contents no longer covered by NDA
549e89f drag and backup web stickynotes
bde145a escapehtml in diffs and commit messages
47ea4b3 so copypasta
87e2f8c maybe this will fix it.
e7fc28f fix branch compare
fd1df0d dont show branches.html in tree
f2b7c89 correct mistake in backgroundupdate for branch link
4466257 cicd and branch diff support in backgroundupdate
d6df78b Webnote needs to be position fixed for many reasons
f2362b7 Last webnote notes for now 2
a6ebb06 Last webnote notes for now
d9d9672 subtle webnote styling
cb69d9d webnotes warning
75b1510 stickynote bookmarklet
34b639d readme colon
5b9574c typos etc
b0291c5 update readme
ec8a4c1 remove extra slash
6a55ba0 fix tree links
c9c8421 tree links
bea1e39 vimrc
a6e827e include pinetime driver patch
579c54e remove debug echo
48fc2cd remove execute bit
133c5e8 auto complete via ggml gpt-j usable from visual selection in vim with :.!
712d500 dont leave it executable
7118298 chatbot using shell and the custom ggml patch
b4efba7 fix header
bd2080c put the size in the html file
4e0d521 hack this with a quick sleep
ede8bee add size
00032d6 that was retarded
989ce44 correct env path
6fa790c update html
88ded3c remove extra whitespace
ede3105 remove executable bit to make sharing easier
b7e343b test commit
9ec11bc test commit
b2ebd59 woops
bacb1fa test commit
250b67d maybe this will fix it?
76388a5 test update
ee7ec48 maybe this will fix the wait bug
b490229 lets try this.
215675d auto update backgroundupdate and keep server info up to date
8f4ac60 patch for ggml gpt-j that adds regex reverse prompt and silences all the stats so you can use it in a chatbot
cf9f127 vision ai stuff
c6d1f37 backgroundupdate fixes
a26fa40 commits dont need an hr
133ffad go back to old way of inotifywait
bf475cb Merge branch 'master' of ssh://
ac096c9 fix tt and background from other repo
d3fc117 fix assignment bug in tt
1d16833 package install instructions on debian and ish
479c870 ish link
3c42aeb more broken links
c7884bd correct relative links
668242f fix a couple of typos
d26b229 programming intro letter for Taylor
e21b652 ticket tracking software
3c64709 use correct encoder and socket permissions
de4f613 fix overwritting flan model with santacoder
9012eb1 add flan-t5 for general queries
3cd3ba1 put copyright notice
c9b0a6f include santacoder instructions
3f3b7bb remove executable bit
e7a3d16 santacoder that stays hot, use with :.! in vim
a7bf068 don't show index.html
2aa7e9f clean up a little more
3091c4e clean up a little
cc0ee36 correct typo
0abf0c8 show branches on index
d72b139 update on start
64a4884 test
604f4d6 fix update helper
0a84dd1 test update readme
1e533ca have update helper reset working dir
a6502e3 change update to generate a nicer index
d3eeaa6 update index.
65ac36c update helper
e171a82 init

Updated and copyright Tue Jun 11 14:32:21 UTC 2024